Hi we’re FM, we’re a creative image partner founded in 2008, that wants to turn imagination in images.
We don’t want to define ourselves as a STUDIO or a PRODUCTION HOUSE.
We believe in teams that are a blending of different skills.
We’re creatives, thinkers and makers that love ideas and want to give it the best craft it deserves.
Whether it is CGI, illustration, digital photo manipulation, photography, video, we love what we do.
We’re a small group but everyone on our team is passionate, creative, and strategic.
Small doesn’t mean less tough, but agile and fast enough to deliver complex global projects.
We all have advertising, photography and production backgrounds and bring that knowledge to everyday
work to help you get the best from your ideas.

  • Matteo Bottin
    Co-founder and Photographer
  • Fabio Orefice
    Co-founder and director
  • Simone Adami
    Creative Director
  • Mauro Balducci
  • Paola Ceruti
  • Andrea Magna
    Creative Retoucher
  • Simona Lamacchia
    Creative Retoucher
  • Matteo Musci
    Lead 3d Artist
  • Elena Vincenzi
    3D Artist
  • Elia Pellegrini